Thursday, 25 August 2011

For West Ham it's a game of one half

(Left) - West Ham's right hand side last night under Hérita Ilunga's careful watch.

I subscribe to receive the weekly emails from the 'West Ham manager'. I am convinced that for the last 3 years West Ham United's marketing team have re-hashed the same email and signed it with a different managers name.

"The second half was a different story. They started much better in the first 15 minutes and got another goal."

Gianfranco Zola, 2009
"It was too easy for them to control the game in the second half."
Avram Grant, 2010
"We have lost three precious points from the closing stages of the first two home matches."
Sam Allardyce, 2011

I was at Upton Park last night to watch us get beat by Aldershot Town and once again we succeeded in not playing football in the second half. Stanislas put us one-nil up first half and for the entire second half the rest of the team stood still in astonishment, looking at the scoreboard and patting each other on the back. That's a bit unfair, Callum McNaughton did manage to get himself sent off.

I would hate, as a West Ham fan, for this blog post to be entirely negative and as such I would like to congratulate one man on the pitch last night for his continued effort and good movement; Without referee Graham Scott blocking an Aldershot defender, we would never have got on the scoresheet.

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